Helping to create partnerships is fundamental to the way that we work. We strive to bring organisations together to work collaboratively, because we believe joint action achieves so much more than one entity going it alone. 
We can help businesses create exceptional partnerships with a wide range of organisations, including local, national and international charities, schools, colleges and universities and public bodies, to help them achieve their social responsibility goals. 

Purposeful collaboration 

Partnership development requires a complex skillset, and finding partners who are right for each other is an essential component our approach. With our wide-ranging knowledge about both the business and charity worlds, we can reach out to each sector with a view to successful matchmaking. Intuition and good planning can help create a perfect match and we’ve got both. 
An example of our work involved seeking a charity partner for a local SME that wanted to both create a legacy for a member of staff and an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about a key issue amongst its supply chain and wider sector. In Coffix Ltd and Leicestershire Action for Mental Health, we’ve been able to cement a partnership that will deliver tangible results. 
“Passion is a word that doesn’t come easy for a lot of people, but at Embark CSR we’re here to help you realise your passion through a CSR journey that will both address societal issues and help with your bottom line” 

Chris Shaw, Director, Embark CSR 


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We model a process that suits your company’s precise needs. Embark CSR will help you every step of the way on your CSR journey. 


We influence positive behaviours amongst SMEs using CSR strategies. Embark CSR will help you convert your passion into direct business benefits. 


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