Our Mission 

Our mission is to influence positive behaviours amongst businesses using CSR strategies to help them to deliver impactful social, economic and environmental benefits for wider society. We believe that to build back better means to build back together. Businesses, large or small, have the capacity to help improve the communities in which they work. 
Embark CSR was created to enable business owners to connect a purpose to their profit, by helping to deliver activities that contribute to improving communities, backed with strategies for business growth. Our mission is to increase the number of businesses that develop and implement company CSR strategies; showcase and achieve recognition of the benefits derived by company led CSR activities, and to increase the number of corporate partnerships within the region. 

How we work 

Embark CSR offers a dedicated consultancy. Our approach is bespoke and can be adapted to meet the needs of each company we work with. This can include: 
Guidance and consultation 
Partnership development 
Strategy planning and implementation 
Impact and outcome reporting 
Help to market your CSR achievements 
Ongoing relationship management 
Whatever the scope of our support, we will work with you to ensure you achieve your CSR goals. 

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is driven by a people-centred approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We believe in people over processes. For a CSR initiative to result in positive outcomes it needs to have the involvement and engagement of the people connected to the business and community it is impacting. 
We believe the best CSR strategies come from how you feel about a given situation and where you feel an emotional connection to the cause that you want to help. We engender and facilitate action with you when you have an authentic desire to improve the community you live and work in. We take the time to understand you and to collaborate with the people at the heart of the cause you believe in. We want to help form partnerships that contribute towards life-changing work. 
For partnerships to flourish, collaboration is key and values must be aligned with both parties. 
“Passion is a word that doesn’t come easy for a lot of people, but at Embark CSR we’re here to help you realise your passion through a CSR journey that will both address societal issues and help with your bottom line” 

Chris Shaw, Director, Embark CSR 


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Let Us Help You – How can we help? 

If you would like to arrange an initial discussion to assess how we can help you, please contact Embark CSR: 

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We model a process that suits your company’s precise needs. Embark CSR will help you every step of the way on your CSR journey. 


We influence positive behaviours amongst SMEs using CSR strategies. Embark CSR will help you convert your passion into direct business benefits. 


We aim to build meaningful partnerships that are outcomes-focused and can deliver strong results. 
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